Behavior Expectations

Be Respectful-Be Ready-Be Responsible


Be Respectful

Be Ready (to learn)

Be Responsible


Golden Rule

Respect others’ ideas and input to discussion

Have supplies ready

Assignments complete

Enter classroom quietly

Be to class on time

Mind your own business

Be on task

Positive learning attitude


Hands/feet to yourself


Keep to the right

Close lockers quietly

Greet others appropriately

Manners (ex: walking around others in conversation)

Inside voices

Care for others’ belongings

Personal items organized

Get to class/destination on time w/appropriate supplies

Mind your own business

Whisper voice

Get to class or destination

Have all materials you need for school

Keep personal belongings in appropriate places

Use Line Basics


Listen to bus driver

Appropriate language and volume

Hands and feet to self

Personal belongings to self

Be seated

Greetings & Thanks manners

Know emergency procedures

Be on time for bus departures/pickups

Use Line Basics

Keep bus clean

Mind your own business

Keep aisle open

Take all belongings with you as you leave bus

Be aware of food/drink privileges on your bus

Commons (Before & After School Waiting Areas)

Care for others’ belongings

Mind your own business

Quiet voices

Hands & feet to self

Leave commons with a learning attitude

Take care of your own belongings

Enter building at appropriate time


Treat others with kindness

Solve problems appropriately

Use appropriate language

Include others who want to play

Follow supervisors’ directions

Line up when you hear the whistle/bell

Hands & feet to self

Objects to self

Exit & enter building quietly

Report injuries to supervisors

Use equipment safely & appropriately

Take equipment in that you brought out

Use Line Basics

Restrooms - Locker Room

Hands & feet to self

Honor privacy of others

Quiet voices

Use at appropriate times

Wash hands


Keep bathroom/locker room clean

Conserve supplies (soap, tissue, paper towels)



Conversational voices

Hands & feet to self

Food & utensils to self

Manners (Eat w/mouth closed, say please/thank you, keep food to yourself)

Be a friendly neighbor

Know your lunch number

Wash hands before eating

Clean up after yourself

Take care of your tray

Pick up utensils/napkins

Remain seated when eating and after cleaning up until excused


Appropriate language and voice level

Walk at a safe pace

Remove hats/sunglasses

Clean shoes before entering hallway

Positive attitude for school

Gather appropriate items for class

Keep personal belongings in assigned locker

Stay out of others’ lockers

Keep signage on lockers appropriate and timely

Locker basics: clean, closed