Web Link

Web Link -  Requisition Entry Detailed Instructions

  1. Clay Central/Everly website
    1. For Staff
    2. Purchase Orders
    3. Web Link Module LOGIN
      1. User ID= first 4 digits of last name; first 3 digits of first name (whitdia)
      2. Password= last 4 digits of your SSN
      3. If you can NOT find the vendor you need, use the ‘unknown vendor for requisitions’ vendor – YOU MUST THEN ADD A COMMENT THAT INCLUDES THE VENDOR NAME, ADDRESS, ETC ON THE REQUISITION SO THE VENDOR CAN BE ADDED.A requisition CAN NOT be approved without the vendor information.
    4. Approval Tree ID
      1. Click on the Magnifying glass beside approval tree ID and search
        1. Royal – Choose this if you are ordering something for the PK-6th grade levels.These are approved by Mr. McClain (if over $500)
        2. Everly – Choose this if you are ordering something for the 7-12th grade levels.These are approved by Mr. Busch and Mr. McClain (if over $500)
    5. Requisition Amount – this must equal the total amount requested on this requisition.If you have multiple detail lines, you can leave this line as zero until you have all lines complete then click the calculator on this line and it will fill in the total amount.
    6. Requisition Date – it will default to today’s date
    7. Expected Date – it will also default to today’s date.Please change it to the date you NEED the product by.
    8. Requisition Description – Brief Description of what you are requesting – example:Science Instructional Materials
    9. Ship to Address ID – Leave blank, as everything is shipped to this location
    10. Employee ID – This cannot be changed 
    11. Detail Lines
      1. Click Add New
      2. Account Number – Click on the magnifying glass and choose the Requisition Coding number that is listed.

        Elementary……..you will be using this # the most……10 0409 1000 100 0000 618.

        MS/HS…….you will be using this # the most…10 0172 1000 100 0000 618.

        Royal Janitors will be using  10 0010…...etc.

        Everly Janitors will be using 10 0011……etc.

        Cooks…….you will be using this # the most……….61 0000 3110 000 0000 618

        Mr. Wick/Coaches…….you will be using 21………..and then find your sport/activity fund that you want to use.

      3. Detail Description – Fill in the detailed description of the item you are purchasing – example:Smart Tubes Science Set
      4. Catalogue – Enter the catalog number of this item – example:NP1234
      5. Cost Center ID – leave blank
      6. Quantity – Enter the total amount of these items you are ordering
      7. Unit Price – Enter the price PER item
      8. Unit Description – Enter the quantity multiplier for the item (each, per dozen, etc)
      9. Detail Amount – This automatically calculates according to the quantity and price entered
      10. Split percent – leave blank
      11. Click the ‘Save File’ icon to save this item.Repeat for each item you are requesting.
    12. View/Edit Comments – Click on this to add a comment if you want to add further explanation on what this requisition is for.
    13. Once you are completely done entering your requisition, you can click the submit icon to save and submit your requisition.
    14. If you are not finished and need to save it for later, click the ‘Save File’ icon on the bottom left of the Requisition Entry screen.When you want to go back into it, click on the binoculars on the Requisition Number line and choose the Requisition Number you need to edit.
  2. Data Entry
  3. Requisition entry
    1. Requisition Number – leave blank – it will automatically assign a number
    2. Vendor ID
      1. Click on Magnifying glass beside vendor ID and search
        1. Example – School Specialty – type ‘school’ under the vendor name; click on the filter and choose ‘starts with’.When you find the vendor you need, highlight it and click the green checkmark