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Superintendent's Message

Future Plans

I would like to address some rumors that have been circulating in the high school and, I’m sure, in the community regarding the future of our school district. As a district, we are continuing to investigate different scenarios for reducing expenditures in the future. These scenarios include closing one building and moving to one K-12 campus and sharing students and/or staff with other districts.

We are being methodical in examining these options in order to make the best long-term decision for our students and district. We are examining cost savings for several different scenarios; we have independent committees reviewing each building to determine pros/cons of having each house our K-12 students; and we are having discussions with neighboring districts about the possibility of sharing activities, staff, and students. We do not want to make a knee-jerk decision but, rather, collect as much data as possible to make the best decision possible.

I have been sharing information with staff as we collect it. On Wednesday, November 7, we had an assembly with 7-12 students to address their questions and concerns. Our students had thoughtful questions and a genuine concern for the future of CCE. We will have a community meeting in the near future to share the data that we've collected. I encourage all of us to continue to promote all the good things that are happening at CCE.

You can't spell suCCEss without CCE.

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